The day has come, the last day of exhibition.  This is amazing I can’t believe it has come to this day.  Everyone put a lot of effort into this exhibition.  My exhibition group is the over-packaging group.  Me and my group have had a lot of visitors.  Today there were lots of Pk1s and PK2s. I’s really hard to explain to them hard words but I managed to tell them the meanings of hard words.  But since the little kids love drawing it was sort of hard for me to bring little kids to my booth. Overall I had a great time presenting my issue. 

Here we are, in the last day of the Exhibition. I can’t believe that we’ve come so far. We are currently presenting to the G3s, the last group. In my booth, Deforestation, we have had many visitors come, however, when the little kids arrived, we had to make something more child-friendly, so we decided to show them how to make trees out of post-its, and then we coloured them in and stick them on the tree we have, so we make a little forest. 

Also, I am really looking forward to packing up everything, because then we can each keep different props, like the axe, and the different posters, which I am definitely going to hold on to for the memories. Exhibition has been a long, tiring, exhausting, awesome learning journey/experience.

So. This is it. After all of the work leading up to it, the G5 Exhibition is finally here. Everyone is rushing to their booths, making sure everything is right, awaiting the arrival of the first class, 4 Ren. I am in the deforestation group, and I am super excited about the Exhibition. Surprisingly, I am not that nervous. I am super excited about the long-waited arrival of the first class. 

The first classes have just arrived, and they are looking at the different presentations. I feel so excited that we have finally made it so far. I know it's just the beginning, but exhibition is looking great.

Today is day three of the exhibition, so far we have only had PK1s. The PK1’s are easy to convince to come to our booth as long as we tell them about our hands on coloring and pin the tail on the dog. While they colour we explain our action and all the other items we have on our board. After they come to our booth and are finished we will take them to another booth, and of course all the other groups do the same. We have had at least  20 students at our booth so far and there are still quite a few more classes to come! 

Abandoned animals group, from my point of view has a very popular booth. We feel that it's alot easier to communicate with the K3s and they seem to enjoy coloring in the dogs! Most of the other groups seemed to enjoy playing pin the tail on the dog and singing our book. We would appreciate if they walked away feeling more interested in our topic and wanting to make a change! The reason why the K3s are an easy target is because they sit down and listen to us explaining what it would be like with out a mum or dad! 
I think my group is doing very wel. At first it was a little hard, but know we are definitely doing a lot better. We are a lot more focused but Exhibition is a lot of great fun. I am really enjoying Exhibition a lot. But what I really  think is it is a lot of fun teaching the kids about Shark Finning. 

Day 2

Rushing students feel the refreshing room, filled with all kinds of ages. With the glittering H.K.A. logo all around us, we struggle when all the little kids came in because they all love drawing, and it was hard to get them to other groups. Chattering students asking 
“ What is your issue “.

Exhibition Day 2 James

Today is day 2 and we are still doing exhibition. We have got so far it is unbelievable. I think the most surprising part in exhibition for me was how far we got into exhibition it's so amazing. I think its been hard talking to people from different ages like today we had people from PK1 and people from Grade 11 at the same time. There are people crowding the place its hard to think what am I going to do next. I think the exhibition is going great and every one is having fun.

“Get to your stations! This is the biggest group of the whole exhibition!” 

The room started to buzz and Julie had to quiet them down. Then, fourth graders flooded in, making the room even more noisy but no one noticed. They are starting to learn about the horribleness of these issues and probably deciding privately that they are going to make a difference. At least that’s what I hope. I really do hope that they do something... ANYTHING!! Please. Before, there were little three year olds, only worried about picking their noses and observing the large world that they live in. They probably won’t care about Shark Finning, or Abandoned Animals. They won’t know the difference when every landfill fills up, full to the brim with a load of useless junk. Sorry. I know that I’m probably droning on... and on... and on... . But I care. I just care.