“Get to your stations! This is the biggest group of the whole exhibition!” 

The room started to buzz and Julie had to quiet them down. Then, fourth graders flooded in, making the room even more noisy but no one noticed. They are starting to learn about the horribleness of these issues and probably deciding privately that they are going to make a difference. At least that’s what I hope. I really do hope that they do something... ANYTHING!! Please. Before, there were little three year olds, only worried about picking their noses and observing the large world that they live in. They probably won’t care about Shark Finning, or Abandoned Animals. They won’t know the difference when every landfill fills up, full to the brim with a load of useless junk. Sorry. I know that I’m probably droning on... and on... and on... . But I care. I just care. 


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