So. This is it. After all of the work leading up to it, the G5 Exhibition is finally here. Everyone is rushing to their booths, making sure everything is right, awaiting the arrival of the first class, 4 Ren. I am in the deforestation group, and I am super excited about the Exhibition. Surprisingly, I am not that nervous. I am super excited about the long-waited arrival of the first class. 

The first classes have just arrived, and they are looking at the different presentations. I feel so excited that we have finally made it so far. I know it's just the beginning, but exhibition is looking great.

As I start this blog, I am seeing the international school from down the road coming in, a sea of purple. They don't speak much English, but that's okay, because I think our many pictures in our displays speak to them loud and clear. Looking at our exhibition from the front, I am feeling a sense of pride in my heart for everyone… and for me! Everyone's stand is looking so bright, neat and wonderful. All of the students are learning about the issue in their different ways and they are clearly loving it, with smiles getting wider and wider across their faces. Almost every member of  each group is contributing to their presentation in different ways and others are off on different jobs. The room is buzzing like a bee and shining like a diamond and that's great. 
I am at the grade 5 exhibition!!!  It is crowded!!! I think that exhibition this year is a great success. Everyone is participating in all the activities and it looks like all the children are having fun. There are a lot of questions being asked and that's good because then people can understand the issue better. Crazily, there is a shark walking around the exhibition booths. 

Not only are there primary school students looking at our booths, but there are secondary students and people from other schools. I think that the Anti-Obesity group had a great idea for their activity but I am not going to tell you the activity because they are looking for more people to do it. Also, the Abandoned Animals group has some great activities. Come to the grade 5 exhibition and learn about some global issue!!!!
There are two classes in the MPR at the moment. Everyone looks occupied explaining their issue. Interestingly, many people are going to the shark finning group. For some reason, I find this a lot less crazy than exhibition prep. Everyone in my group would be off track and argue but now, everyone is collaborating. A class now left and it seems pretty much empty. Not many people are looking at a few stands. Now, another grade came in. It is a great felling when people actually take the time to come over to my stand, and read it. After months of hard work, the people looking at the stands are making me feel proud of myself. I notice that many of the exhibitioners are not doing anything. Not many classes are in the MPR again. 

I find that some exhibitioners look bored. I think that they shouldn’t just stay at their stand and that they should go out to other stands and ask if they want to come over. Instead of doing this, they are talking to each other and leaning against the posters.
Wow! I am at the g5 exhibition, and there are loads of people here with a thirst for knowledge about our issues. The whole grade 5 is doing a great job of keeping people interested in our work. There are not many people walking around, but there are lots of people at each booth. Exhibition is going great and it's so fun!
Right now, interestingly, a shark is swimming around by the anti-shark finning groups booth! No! Don't worry there isn't a real shark around. It's just Finn, drawing attention for the his booth. Also, all the groups are pulling out all the little tricks they have. All in effort to get people coming to their booths!
Exhibition is great. Of course in was a big challenge but all in all, I know I had a great time!
Maeve C.

On Monday 13th April, was our first exhibition day.  Amazingly, there is a shark swimming in the Shark Finning booth. There are also other amazing groups with many cool displays like the water pollution group. They made an amazing display which was 100% recycled materials. Also, the Poor breeding group with a fantastic display of their action. There are so many creative groups that are awaiting you to explain their ideas. Come to the G5 exhibition to see the amazing displays!  Or please check out our blog.

Exhibition just started and there are already two classes in the MPR. My first job is chat monitor which means I'm not around my booth but I'm not getting anything to chat about anyway so I decided to blog. 

The past couple of weeks have been stressing but I think that I made the most of what I could on my poster. In the end, my group decided to set up in the middle and at first I felt like it was the end of the world but now that I look at it, I'm kind of happy that's where we ended up. We are doing good.