Exhibition is crazy! Lots of classes are coming in at the same time! Loads of young children come in at the same time. All the young ones go to the booths where they can color. Why don't they go to other booths? 

Large swarms of wasps enter the hive of knowledge.
All around, small fish dart at larger ones.

There are two classes in the MPR at the moment. Everyone looks occupied explaining their issue. Interestingly, many people are going to the shark finning group. For some reason, I find this a lot less crazy than exhibition prep. Everyone in my group would be off track and argue but now, everyone is collaborating. A class now left and it seems pretty much empty. Not many people are looking at a few stands. Now, another grade came in. It is a great felling when people actually take the time to come over to my stand, and read it. After months of hard work, the people looking at the stands are making me feel proud of myself. I notice that many of the exhibitioners are not doing anything. Not many classes are in the MPR again. 

I find that some exhibitioners look bored. I think that they shouldn’t just stay at their stand and that they should go out to other stands and ask if they want to come over. Instead of doing this, they are talking to each other and leaning against the posters.